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“Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul”


Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul, is this tour available everyday?Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Pasir Berdengung

21 July 2018

“Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul”


Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul is recommend to us by one of our friend who made the private bursa tour with you, we will be 7 person and want to make the private bursa tour but we want to start from Ataturk airport, we arrive early in the morning then want to return to hotel. Can you inform us about the details of private bursa tour how it can be organized?Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Ravid Amar

10 January 2017

“Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul”


We have had a private bursa tour from Istanbul, which was excellent with our tour guide Ismail and drive Ahmed, thanks them lots. We spent a great day in Bursa.Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Natal Kuntjoro

19 October 2016

“Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul”


We are a family and want to make the private bursa tour from our hotel St. Sophia in Istanbul, please inform me about the details of doing private bursa tour.Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Sonrisas Mil

10 October 2016

“Private Pamukkale And Aphrodisias Tour”


We like to make the private pamukkale and aphrodisias tour from Istanbul, how much is it?3 Day Private Pamukkale, Ephesus And Cappadocia Tour

Jose Marques

06 October 2016

“Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul”


Went From Istanbul to Bursa tour, last week, the city was excellent to visit and the weather was great, we have visited the centre firstly, and then climb up to mountain by cable car, the view was wonderful, I recommend the private bursa tour to everyone. Our tour guide Hakan was great person and knowledgeable tour guide. He helped us and for everything because ı have 3 kids and parents like kid, thanks to him too much. I deffinitely recommend to go Bursa privately.Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Narra Ramu

24 September 2016

“Istanbul Honeymoon Package”


I spent my honeymoon in Istanbul, which was amazing, recommend to everyone.Istanbul Honeymoon Package

Marlene Y Kike

20 September 2016

“My Honeymoon In Istanbul”


I wented to spend my honeymoon time in Istanbul and make the visiting in Istanbul for the mentioned places, it was great to be in Istanbul for us because it was my dream to visit this great city. In the end, I was in istanbul and everything was as I wanted in my honeymoon in Istanbul. I want to thank to everyone for their help.Istanbul Honeymoon Package

Amanda Gouveia

26 August 2016

“5 Day Istanbul Honeymoon Package”


My wife and I stayed 4 nights on our honeymoon in Istanbul. We really enjoyed the hospitality of the people in City, at the hotel, during the tours, when, they learn that you are honeymooners, they are getting more closer t be interested with you. It was great. After completed the day, return to hotel about and there was a break of tea, after this much tired, tea was excellent and it was everyday. Istanbul wonderful city and I recommend this city to everyone while having vacation go to Istanbul and again go to Istanbul for your honeymoon.Istanbul Honeymoon Package

Marion Dodgson

27 June 2016

“3 Day Private Pamukkale, Ephesus And Cappadocia Tour”


It was short and rush tour to visit Pamukkale, Ephesus and Cappadocia in 3 day but we didnt have enough time to be in those area longer. It was great taste of the Turkey after Istanbul. I recommend this tour package.3 Day Private Pamukkale, Ephesus And Cappadocia Tour

Carol Clatworthy

17 June 2016