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Islamic Tours: Islamic Tours has many options for the visitors, If you like you can make daily islamic tours in a city, if you want you can make the Islamic tour package which covers all the ismalic sites in Turkey.

Whirling Dervish Ceremony

Istanbul Whirling Dervish Ceremony is available in Istanbul and it is one of the most important religious touristic atcitivy of Istanbul Daily Tours. Whirling dervish is a way of praying and while pray to open hands up and down, says that taking from God and give to people that is why hand are open up and down. It is the way of Mevlana who pray like dervish first time and other dervishes are following him since 800 years. Whirling Dervish Ceremony in Istanbul, is about one hour.

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Istanbul Mosque Tour

Istanbul Mosque Tour, is available every day. Istanbul Mosque tour is islamic istanbul daily tours which covers the historical mosques in Istanbul. If you think to visit the mosque which has the history and shows the islamic culture in Istanbul, this is one of the best islamic cultural tour in Istanbul.

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Private Istanbul Islamic Tour

Private Istanbul Islamic Tour is avilable everyday, if you like to make the private istanbul daily tours and if you like to have your ownt tour and tour guide during the visit and discovery of the islamic culture in Istanbul, private istanbul islamic tour is the best way to discover the city of Istanbul. Private istanbul islamic tour offers the private tour guide, own experiences, time to ask your questions and take your photos and value for money.

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“Konya Day Tour from Istanbul”


Konya Day Tour from Istanbul, wonderful experience about the islamic culture, thanks.Konya Day Tour from Istanbul

Sarah Harvey

22 December 2017

“Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul”


Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul was excellent, thanks.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Sahar Rezek

29 August 2017

“Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul”


Thank you very much Raji we have got a great day yesterday. I will recommend sahabas tour to all my friends and you service as well.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Ankur Jain

29 November 2016

“Private Konya Tour from Istanbul”


How it work to make the private konya tour, we want to make it from Istanbul but I also want to book by own flight tickets.Private Konya Tour from Istanbul

Sharma Rajiv

10 October 2016

“Sahabas Tombs Tour”


Excellent tour to Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul. I highly recommend leave a day and visit this impressive tombs of sahabas in Istanbul.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Sandeep Dalvi

14 September 2016

“Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul”


Excellent day in Istanbul I had by visiting the Tombs of Sahabas. Everyone should visit the tombs of shabas in Istanbul.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Yusuf Mustafa

01 September 2016

“Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul”


Visiting the Tomb of Sahabas by the tour organization and private tour guide was great in Istanbul, recommend to every one.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

29 August 2016

“Sahabas Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul”


I had done the sabahas tour half day one, it was very nice thanks to everyone who helped me for the beautiful day.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Noor Khalidah

22 August 2016

“Whirling Dervish Ceremony”


Whirling Dervish Ceremony is a great activity in Istanbul. It is not taking your day, it is about 1 hour, I went to whirling dervish after my day tour in Istanbul.Whirling Dervish Ceremony

Christina Zvereva

16 August 2016

“Sahabas Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul”


Sahaba tour, we booked the tour online. Sahaba tour was excellent recommend to every one. Visited every all sahabas in Istanbul and including the underground cistern. The cost was considerably less that the ships comparable tour and had the added benefit of a small group with an outstanding tour guide. Make sure you have good walking shoes, as the tour does include walking between the sites.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Saratha Disanaya

16 June 2016

“Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul”


It was great to visit the Sahabas tomb in Istanbul recommend to everyone.Tour For Tombs of Sahabas in Istanbul

Renate Arnold

12 June 2016