14 Days 13 Nights Venezuela Tour Package

14 Days 13 Nights Venezuela Tour Package is available.

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Day 1.: State of Miranda - Caracas, capital of Venezuela

Arriving in Caracas and transfer to your three-star-hotel. Free time for the rest of the day! * Optionally, dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Day 2.: Aragua State - State Karakabobo

Today we will go to Aragua State in the estate of Santa Teresa, which in 1796 produced the most well-known rum in Venezuel. There will be a tour to the sugar cane plantations and the ancient buildings of the plant, enjoying the amazing views and we will show you the history of the Ari Stokraticheskoy Creole family. Also tou get the chance of tasting the rum and coffee. Lunch will be on the way (not included in the price). Transfer to the State of Carabobo and to your three-star-hotel, located on the volcano with thermal water.

Day 3.: State of Falcón - Moroka National Park

After breakfast in your hotel you will have time to check out the National Park Moroka. Moroka is a Marine National Park - an area of mangroves, canals and lagoons with crystal clear water and delightful coral islands. It is the home of many birds just as ibis, flamingos and pelicans. You can also explore the great variety of flora and fauna underwater. You can also take a boat to spent some time on one of the islands of the national park.

Meals.: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4.: State of Falcón - Moroka National Park

Today you have time to relax at the beach of your choice. For lunch we prepared a lunch box to take it with you to the beach. Dinner in the hotel. Optionally, you can ask for an individual tour of the ancient Indian cult caves of volcanic origin - one of them is very famous for its stalactites and ancient petroglyphs. Along the way you can see the oyster farms on Mayorkuina island. You will enjoy lunch with fresh seafood on the island. On the way back we visit the habitat of many sea birds and feed them with fresh fish.

Meals.: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5.: State of Barinas - Los Llanos

After breakfast, departure to Los Llanos – the Savannah, located in the central region of Venezuela. It is home to the local cowboys, farmers. They have their own folklore music - Horopo with different instruments and traditional dances. And it's a real Wildlife are, especially for birds. The plains of Los Llanos are one of the largest reserves in Latin America for birds. Many of them fly from Canada and Alaska to Venezuela to escape the winter. On the way you will have lunch in a charming and traditional estate. On the territory of the savannah, you can find about 350 species of birds and about 50 species of mammals. Here, the professional local guides offer land and boat trips, which will be of interest not only to naturalists and birdwatchers, but also to all lovers of wildlife.

Meals.: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 6.: State of Barinas - Los Llanos

Today you drive to the local hunters on the plains of Los Llanos. Around you can see plenty of tropical birds. There you also find different species of turtles, iguanas, and capybaras "chiguiri" - a huge tropical rat, which is the largest rodent on the planet. Returning, you will have lunch and time for a little rest. In the afternoon, you can search for anacondas or catch a caiman with a rope lasso or feed him. Meet the Orinoco crocodile, which can be up to 6 meters long. If you are lucky you could see a cat ocelot or a one of the rare local pumas. In the evening you will return to the hotel and have dinner. If you want, you can enjoy a night walk through Los Llanos.

Meals.: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7.: State of Barinas Breakfast and Check-in in Campamento.

After lunch you will get small instructions and then leave for the rafting on the Acequia River (level 3,4).

Meals.: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8.: State of Nueva Esparta - Margarita Island

After breakfast, transfer to the airport. Flights to the Island of Margarita. Transfer to your three-star-hotel.

Meals.: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 9 - 10.: The state of Nueva Esparta - Margarita Island

Time to relax at the beach in your all-inclusive hotel.

Day 11.: Amacuro State - Orinoco Delta

Early transfer to the airport and flight to Puerto Ordaz. Transfer to the pier. We will take boats along the Orinoco River. On the way you will see the wild nature on the island, watching the different animals of the region. During the tour you will see a variety of birds, red monkeys, river dolphins, and if you're lucky, an anaconda. Accommodation will be in Campamento in houses on stilts. Here you can fish for piranhas in the traditional way. Then we drive to the village tribe Warao Indians, similar to the first representatives of this region, who lived here 12 thousand years ago. You can buy local souvenirs here.

Meals.: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 12.: State Bolivar - Canaima National Park

In the morning transfer to the airport and flight to Canaima National Park. Transfer to your lodge. After lunch, you will explore the lagoon of Canaima in Indian boats - kuriaras. In the lagoon you find the water of four waterfalls: Acha, Ukayma, Golondrina and Vadayma. It is a great place to take some pictures! You can walk around the island, named after the Russian explorer of these places, Anatolia. You will enjoy a breathtaking adventure: you go to the "other side" of the majestic waterfall El Sapo, through a powerful water curtain, which forms the river Carrao. You can also swim in the lagoon or enjoy a natural hydro massage. After the trip you will return to the hotel and have dinner.

Meals.: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 13.: Waterfall Salto Angel for a day

Early in the morning you go up the Carrao River in motorboats and cross the lagoon Mayupa for Arautayma. Your breakfast will be in Campamento with an amazing view of Auyan Tepui. After that we will continue our way. Reaching the island Ratonsito, you make a trip to the virgin forest and find yourself on the observation deck at the edge of the cliff, only a few meters away from the tallest waterfall in the world! Enjoy the view of Angel Falls. (Local guides additionally offer a swim in the lagoon at the foot of the waterfall) You will have a traditional turkey dinner and some time to rest before returning to Canaima lagoon.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 14.: Caracas - State of Vargas - Caracas

Breakfast and transfer to the Airport. Flight to Puerto Ordaz and transfer to your flight back to Caracas. Meals: Breakfast End of the program

Accommodation in hotels stated in the program

Transfers according to the program

Meals stated in program

All domestic flights

Local english-speaking guides (Russian guide only in Caracas)

Excursions according to the program

The costs is not included:

Optional excursions

International flights

Log in Canaima National Park Fees at the airport in Caracas * without taxes

Medical insurance

Russian guide on request

Tips for guides and drivers

Rates are in Euro dollars per person, hotels specified in the final booking cancellation is carried out armor or any modification of it is subject to a fine, the programmed route can be changed depending on changes in the schedule of planes or force majeure conditions. Discounts for children up to 12 years. It is important to know: On flights Puerto Ordaz - Canaima - Puerto Ordaz baggage must not exceed 10 kg + 5 kg hand luggage. * Slight advantage can be paid at the airport or stay it in Caracas luggage at the hotel, for an additional payment for transfer.